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27 October, 2010

The Absinthe Fairy

Do you ever feel the need to write and yet have absolutely no idea what to write about?

I am constantly in this state of confusion myself.  I'll have an idea about something to write, yet as soon as I sit at the keyboard, my mind goes completely blank and I've no idea what it was that I had intended to say.

So, since the train of thought has once again derailed, I think I will just share my newest hat creation ~

 I call it The Absinthe Peacock.  You can see more photos of it (as well as my other hats and jewellry) in my studio Imaginary Relics over on Artfire.

Just for the heck of it, here's a couple of modeling shots as well ~ 
This photo I like to call The VooDoo Queen.   
It really has nothing to do with voodoo, it just seemed like an appropriate name for the photo.
The hat I'm wearing is the Burlesque Queen

Same hat, same dress, completely different photo vibe.

I love taking photos and then playing with them in Photoshop.  
It's so much fun!

Time to get to work on something interesting.  I am attempting to make mini steampunk goggles out of leather and watch crystals.  If the experiment is successful, I'm not sure if they will become a necklace or get perched upon the brim of a new hat design.

Whatever the outcome, my workbench is calling!

Peace, love & light.


Christine Simeone said...

if my workbench is calling I can't hear it because there is so much crap piled on it. BUT I can always hear my pillow calling.
I LOVE those hats. How do they stay on your head? I saw some in the summer that were stuck to a headband. How are yours done?

betty bead said...

I sew a comb onto the bottom of the brim (you can see it in the photos if you go to my shop) and that slides into your hair. I also sew two loops of ribbon or embroidery thread onto the brim as well so that you can use bobby pins, hair clips or a head band (which I include) if you want additional stability.

MegsCrochetJewels said...

Awesome pics!!! You are one HOT lady!!! I would LOVE to do pics like that!!

betty bead said...

Thanks, Megs! Believe it or not, they're self-portraits. Auto focus, 10 second timer, pose for the camera and hope for the best LOL!
The fun part is playing with them in Photoshop and making them look really cool!