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04 November, 2010

Totally Unfocused (sort of)

I had intended to work on my latest hat today and I guess that, technically, I did.  Applying one piece of trim around the crown counts as work, right?  It's going to be an awesome work of steampunkish marvelousness when it's finished

So, in the midst of all that hard work,  I got a vague idea for a piece of jewellry involving a bunch of different bead styles so I set off to search online for hand-felted wool beads and found this yummy set
on the place I love to hate ~ Etsy.  
But, I don't know if those are the colours I want, so I distractedly wandered off to stare at the little hat that wasn't getting built.

Oh!  Wouldn't it be cool to have an antique hatpin to go with each of my hats!  So, off I went to look at hat pins.


When I looked on Artfire I discovered I could purchase pin blanks with which to make my own.  Great!!  Another thing I can make.  Because I don't make enough of a variety of things already.

Wandered back in and looked at my little hat again.  Poor neglected little hat!  

Maybe I'll go check my email (again) and my Etsy shop (again) and my Artfire shop (again) and the DTeam thread (again) and then I'll see if there's any new blog posts to read (again)

Hey look!  On all the other blogs everybody's favourite blogs have a little thumbnail next to them.  I want that on my blog!  So I tweaked my "favourite's" list and I too have thumbnails.  Then I rearranged my collection of badges and added a new one or two.  It's sort of like having artworks on the wall.

Back to the hat.  Yep.  Still there, perched on the absinthe bottle, sitting on my workbench.

Oh!  Maybe I'll go write a blog about how utterly distracted I've been today.  Yes!  That will accomplish a whole lot of nothing so I'm going to do it!

And here it is.

Now I'm going to wander off and work on that hat.  After I check a couple more things first....

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