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27 September, 2010

McDonald Street Market

I was an artisan at this lovely market this past Saturday ~ September 25th.

It was just a small show but it sure was fun!

There were stories and photos posted in two online 'papers' ~

The Ledger ~ 


and Lakeland Local ~



I'll be doing the same show again next month on October 23rd.  So come on out and have a look!

Welcome to my tent!

Imaginary Relics on display
Calliope McQuinn hats & hatboxes

Hope to see you at the next market!!

18 September, 2010


So I've been reading and researching and reading and researching and.....  Well, you get the picture.

Trying to figure out what will get people to my shop www.blacksheepbeadery.etsy.com 

I've changed my tags, tried to make SEO friendly titles, re-photographed (still need to do more though), hearted tons of people, tweeted, facebooked and myspaced.  And my shop views are still crappy.

If anybody who might happen to be reading this has any suggestions for me, please tell me.  I'm starting to feel like my shop is in a black hole!

13 September, 2010

WooHoo!! I'm In A Treasury!

I've been featured in a treasury on Etsy!  http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c8e33a975808eef4079c85e/mustard-not-just-for-hot-dogs

Thanks to the "D Team" for having me as a member!

Peace, love and light!

08 September, 2010


I've spent the morning networking my arse off!!

I'm a bit slow sometimes and really didn't realise that folks had no way of knowing they were in a treasury I'd created on Etsy unless I told them.  So, I've sent everyone on all 16 of my treasuries (!!!) a message to let them know they've been featured.  I'll be messaging as I make the treasuries from now on!

Then there's email requests to join 'street teams' plus the filling out of profiles for the teams I've been accepted to.  Goodness that's a lot of typing!

Gotta go do some wrist and finger loosening exercises now I think.  And lunch!  Then back into the studio to build some more jewellry.

Peace, love and light


07 September, 2010

Soldiering On....

So it's a new week and I'm full of new ideas.  Well, I'm full of something anyway!!

I'm working on revamping the Black Sheep Beadery shop ~ www.BlackSheepBeadery.etsy.com  I've decided to stop trying to cater to the masses (which so far has been unsuccessful) and start making things that I like.  I've also emailed a bunch of 'street teams' and asked to join up with them.  Why?  Because a book I'm reading right now claims the only way to get recognised on Etsy is to be part of a team.  Well so far nothing else has worked so I might as well give it try.

I'm also working on some new designs for my Demented Dollies shop as well ~ www.DementedDollies.etsy.com  I've also joined a 'team' for that shop as well The Otherlings. A link to their blog is listed under My Favourite Blogs.

My ArtFire shop ~ Imaginary Relics ~ www.ImaginaryRelics.artfire.com 
is getting lots of recognition by lots of different folks which is very awesome and cool.  I've a feeling that it's going to take off any time now!

If anyone out there actually reads any of this stuff and would care to take a look at my shops and give me some constructive criticism I'd love to hear it.  I've got great stuff for sale but I just can't seem to get it noticed!

Peace, love and light...