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26 July, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Well here we are at the beginning of yet another week.  Where does the time go?

My mission for today (should I choose to accept it) is to find a wig head so that I may photograph my latest creations ~ decorated mini top hats.  Yes, another "company" has been hatched here at Troll Bridge Studio ~ Calliope McQuinn, Victorian Ladies' HatsLet's see how this one works out.

In case anyone is actually reading this besides myself and you are actually interested in what I do ~ here's the list:

This is where I sell my hand-beaded jewellry.


This is where I sell my steampunk art jewellry.


This is where I sell my artfully demented paper dolls.


So, onward I go with my search for a wig head for my little hats.
Happy Monday everyone! 

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