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28 July, 2010

Hatless Heads...

All heads should have hats upon them.  Everyone used to wear hats all the time.  Men, women and children.  Some of the ladies hats were, and still are, quite elaborate.

I have always had a bit of a hat fetish.  I think maybe I was born in the wrong era because I would love nothing better than to get up everyday and don a lovely hat and be on my way.

I guess that's why I love costumes and costuming so much.

So, combining my love for costume, hats, victoriana and over-decorated things, I have decided to start a line of mini top hats or fascinators as they're sometimes called.  Hence my Monday morning search for a wig head.

The search for a new head was successful and photos of my first hat were taken ~
The Ladies Hunting Bonnet
Calliope McQuinn
Victorian Ladies' Hats

I'll be posting this lovely creation to my ArtFire shop ~ http://www.imaginaryrelics.artfire.com/ 
later on today or at the latest, tomorrow.

Back to the studio now to finish the next tribute to Victorian ostentatiosness.

Peace, love and light.

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