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07 September, 2010

Soldiering On....

So it's a new week and I'm full of new ideas.  Well, I'm full of something anyway!!

I'm working on revamping the Black Sheep Beadery shop ~ www.BlackSheepBeadery.etsy.com  I've decided to stop trying to cater to the masses (which so far has been unsuccessful) and start making things that I like.  I've also emailed a bunch of 'street teams' and asked to join up with them.  Why?  Because a book I'm reading right now claims the only way to get recognised on Etsy is to be part of a team.  Well so far nothing else has worked so I might as well give it try.

I'm also working on some new designs for my Demented Dollies shop as well ~ www.DementedDollies.etsy.com  I've also joined a 'team' for that shop as well The Otherlings. A link to their blog is listed under My Favourite Blogs.

My ArtFire shop ~ Imaginary Relics ~ www.ImaginaryRelics.artfire.com 
is getting lots of recognition by lots of different folks which is very awesome and cool.  I've a feeling that it's going to take off any time now!

If anyone out there actually reads any of this stuff and would care to take a look at my shops and give me some constructive criticism I'd love to hear it.  I've got great stuff for sale but I just can't seem to get it noticed!

Peace, love and light...

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