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10 August, 2010

Pondering My Next Move....

So.  I've decided that maybe I'll go back out and lug my tent around and do some craft shows.  Maybe.

I never really minded doing them before.  Most of them were fun and you could meet some very interesting people.  

For instance: the Mary Kay lady that I pissed off because I wouldn't make five identical pink necklaces for her to give to her underlings.  I didn't have a problem with pink or with five or with her.  She was a very pleasant and polite lady.  The problem was with identical.  I offered similar in style and made to suit each girl's personality.  She wanted completely, exactly, perfectly, identical.  I had to explain to her that I wasn't a chinese sweatshop and I did not do absolutely, perfectly identical.  Needless to say, she didn't buy anything from me.  Pink or otherwise.

There were also other wonderful vendors to chat (and complain) with.  My two favourites, who I remain friends with to this day, Carla and Ed who own Piglet's Pantry in Mt Dora ~ http://www.pigletspantry.com/  Wonderful dog bakery people who make yummy (yes I've eaten them so I know) dog biscuits!

So.  I'm thinking about lugging my tent around and doing craft shows.  Again.  Because the fun and the good far outweighed the bad.

Back to my workbench for now.
Peace, love and light... 

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