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06 August, 2010

People Do The Strangest Things...

Yesterday I went to Joann Fabrics.  Yes, again!  Why?  Because I needed more ribbon for my latest hat creation.  No, it doesn't matter that I already have 300 rolls of ribbon in my studio.  None of them were exactly what I wanted.  So, the pilgrimage to Joann's was made and nifty new ribbon (plus a whole lot more) was obtained.  I honestly think they must pipe some sort of "put more stuff in your basket" pheromones into the store's air conditioning system because I can never just get what I came for and leave!
Bagful of goodies in hand, I begin the journey home.  I live in the middle of nowhere so it's about a 40 minute drive.  
Whilst sitting at a red light, I hear a semi truck blow it's horn and see the driver making gestures out of his passenger side window.  I couldn't see the vehicle he was gesturing at and just assumed he was having a bit of road rage at someone who had attempted to cut him off.  Oh no, my friends, that wasn't the case at all.  As the semi moves past the vehicle he was gesturing at, a raggedy pickup truck towing a raggedy trailer loaded with a raggedy mini van comes into view.  The pickup pulls off the road into a parking lot and the large, unkempt men inside get out and start walking toward and around the trailer.  Seems that the semi driver was honking at them because the mini van was coming untied.  Yes, I said untied.   
The geniuses piloting the tow vehicle apparently didn't have the right equipment, tools and/or knowledge to properly secure the mini van to the trailer.  What they had done was roll down the driver and passenger side windows and run a rope through the passenger compartment of the van and then looped the rope around the tongue of the trailer!  I was absolutely amazed that this was how these men had secured the van to the trailer.  Thank goodness the semi driver alerted them before the thing had fallen off the trailer and caused an accident. 
Oh, the times you need a camera and don't have one!  

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