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11 July, 2008

Well here it is......

I've gone and done it now - I have a blog. Everyone has a blog nowadays. Isn't it the proper thing to do, sharing my deepest, darkest feelings with people all over the world who I don't know and better yet who don't know me?

Why do people do it? Who the hell knows. Maybe it's our way of connecting to people in this age of technology where everyone lives to text message and send email instead of actually having a face-to-face live conversation. I (unfortunately) watched part of a TV show the other evening that had two girls alone in the same room texting each other rather than just talking. It was a bit ridiculous.

Maybe some people do this seeking fame and fortune, a la Perez Hilton. If it's not to seek fame, perhaps they do it so that they can remain anonymous yet have the thrill of the whole world watching them, everyone anxiously awaiting their next post?

You can be anyone you want. Make up a whole new persona completely different from your regular daily self. Superman/Clark Kent, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Bruce Banner/The Hulk. You can say anything you want because, again, you have the anonymity factor going for you. And you can do all this without fear of reprisal because nobody knows who the hell you really are. Unless you choose to tell them.

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