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19 May, 2011

Not Really A Seamstress

As most of you know, I've been making my little hats for awhile now.  I get plenty of compliments on them when I'm doing shows and when people see photos of them.

One of the recurring comments that I hear though, "Those are really cute but what would I wear it with?"

I've made costumes for myself to wear for many years.  Gotten lots of compliments on them as well.

 I've even had plenty of people say I should make costumes for others but I've never really felt that my "cobbled together" style would truly be appreciated.

Well, after the continued comments of "what do I wear it with" at the shows and the encouragement of making costumes for others, I've decided that I will make a costume or outfit for each hat so that people can have an idea of what to wear the hat with.  And, being the overachiever that I am, there will most likely be jewellry to compliment the costumes and hats as well.

So, I present to you, my first cobbled together costume ~ The Beekeeper's Wife ~ 

Yes, there's jewellry too ~ 

In case some of you don't understand what I mean when I say I "cobble things together" here's what the components of this costume looked like right from the thrift store before I did anything to them ~ 

So you can see that with just a little ingenuity and creativity I took some clothing cast-offs and transformed them into an interesting Neo-Victorian/Steampunk inspired outfit.

Working on the next costume as we speak!  Photos, of course, to follow.

Hope you enjoyed my little rambling costume story.

Peace, love & light.


Steph said...

you have such a talent...you should have your own boutique!

betty bead said...

Thanks Steph! I've thought that I might open a little shop when I get to England